RKS Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. employees are the most valuable resource and management has directed that the RKS Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. Safety Management Program is to be implemented and actively managed in every project.

The Safety Program is developed and maintained to address specific operational needs and includes in-house training by OSHA authorized trainers. In addition foremen receive OSHA 30 training and employees receive OSHA 10 training.

Foreman meetings are held each week at the main office to actively manage job site specific safety requirements and to provide the most up-to-date information and training.

Jobsite safety includes weekly site safety inspections by the Safety Director, hazard analysis identification and employee involvement through weekly field "toolbox" discussion/feedback meetings.

New hires are monitored through a Colored Hardhat Identification Program (CHIP's) and are provided guidance through training mentors.

The commitment by management and its employees to the RKS Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc. Safety Program has allowed us to maintain an Experience Modifier Rate that is consistently 25-30 % below the established 1.0 industry standard.

Safety Director,

Bryce L Basey,

Phone: 602-996-1866

Fax: 602-996-1816