Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

RKS Plumbing & Mechanical has been the Premier Firefighter Air Rescue System (FARS) Installer in Arizona for over 15 years. The FARS system is a complex breathing air system, that allows Firefighters to fill their breathing air bottles from within a burning building. In jurisdictions where the FARS is not implemented the Firefighters will have to replenish their breathing air bottles at the fire truck. This state-of-the-art system saves precious time in an emergency situation. RKS takes tremendous pride in being the only subcontractor in Arizona permitted to fulfill the Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems Testing & Certification process.

Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

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Meet Our Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) Technician.

John Koprivec – FARS Field Operations.

John has been with RKS since 2010.  Like most apprentices, John was part of RKS mentoring

program where he was trained and mentored by some of the top RKS  Journeyman plumbers

and superintendent’s in the business. Hard work and   dedication  paid off for John  as he is now

a plumbing Foreman as well as managing the field operations for FARS T&C & system installations. John’s motto

is “Take pride in your work, provide the client quality work, and complete work in a timely manner"

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The Mobile Rescue Air Unit RKS Plumbing & Mechanical

The Mobile Air Unit filling the Glendale Fire Department Training Center

This is how we protect our fill hose as we fill a building.

Firefighter Air Rescue Systems Installation Truck.

Firefighter Rescue Air (FFAR) Systems (Title)

Recessed Panel.

Storage tanks for compressed breathing air.

Panel where the Mobile Air Unit fills and replenishes the air system.

Semi-recessed Fill Panel.

Firefighter Air Rescue Systems (FARS)

A wall mounted Fill Panel.

Panel where the Mobile Air Unit fills and replenishes the air system.

 A Wall Mounted Firefighter Air Rescue System