Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

RKS Plumbing " Mechanical, Inc. is committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace. A healthy and productive work force, working conditions free from the effects of drugs and alcohol, and excellence in the services provided by the Company are important goals to all. It is well documented that the abuse of drugs and alcohol creates a variety of workplace problems, Increases in workplace theft, greater liability exposure and declines in morale are some of the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

It is the intent and obligation of the Company to provide a healthy and productive work force and safe working conditions free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Employees are expected and required to report to work in a suitable mental and physical condtion. In balancing the interests of the Company and its employees and the general public, the Company finds that testing for drugs and alcohol in the workplace is the best interests of all and therefore adopts the following Drug and Alcohol Policy.

The Company requires all sub-tiered subcontractors and vendors under the control or direction of the Company to be in compliance with the RKS Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. Subcontractors whose Substance Abuse Program was not submitted or approved are required to provide proof of passing drug test for each worker PRIOR to working on site.